Lingering in the Woods Blog Tour 2012

Starting September 1st, myself and several other Magical Fantasy authors will be teaming up to spread the word about our magical stories. Follow #MATour on twitter, and the Magic Appreciation Tour author Twitter list.

Lingering in the Woods Emotosingle Tour blogs:

September 4: Posting “It Might be Time to Try Something New” on The Vaetra Files with Daniel Marvello

September 11: Posting “On Networking” on The Unwritten with Misty Baker

September 14: Posting “Visuals, Imagery and Crafting Story from Dream” on The Active Voice with Becca Mills

September 18: Posting “Something New, Something Old ” on The Summer Sleeper with Will English

September 21: Posting Lingering in the Woods excerpt on Her Ladyship’s Quest with Tracy Falbe

September 26: Interviewed on the Importance of the Impossible by A.E. Marling

September 28: Posting “A Novelty Publishing Story” on The Novel Project with Roger Eschbacher

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