Books by Fantasy Author Cynthia Ravinski

Lingering in the Woods
A Shaman’s Rune, Vol. 1

Lingering in the Woods


An untested shaman. A demanding chieftain. If Chrigle can’t protect his tribal hunting party and their bounty, exile is certain.

When his Spirit Guide cries a fierce warning, he halts their homeward ride. The hunters are not alone. Chrigle must wield his runes to protect the hunters for dark magic fills the wood and a vengeful spirit is desperate to find its next victim.

The night fills with uncertainty and fear as his struggle to win a place in his tribe becomes a test of will and sacrifice. If he survives the price of success may be too high.

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Books Including Fantasy Author Cynthia Ravinski

Terran Shift Anthology Vol. 1


Featuring 1 story by Cynthia Ravinski

“Things Taken”
Only when you’ve put everything you have into obtaining your hopes and dreams do you find what you’ve really been after.

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Scribings Vol. 2 Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilizations


Featuring 2 stories by Cynthia Ravinski

“The Master of Paths”
Sometimes even the all-powerful cannot give you what you want.

 “The Initiation”
Know thyself. But more importantly, know those that you choose to serve.

“Excellent and enjoyable! They are stories that can be read in one sitting, yet satisfy for a while, as you mull over the ideas and ramifications” – Steven Innman on Amazon

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Scribings Vol. 1 Anthology

Scribings Volume 1


Featuring 3 stories by Cynthia Ravinski

“The Last Mate”
What will the last mate do to gain control of a ship who chooses her own crew?

“The Making”
The young gods thought it was they who ruled the world.

“In the Business of Rotting”
Forced to find a new passion after a revolution, a jeweler-turned-distiller is determined to forgive and forget. But a new discovery changes the nature of her business.

“A well-written, eclectic collection. Worth the time, and I hope to see more from these authors in the future!” -David Day on Smashwords

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