Scribings Vol 1

This fabulous compilation of speculative tales by four Maine authors consists of eleven pieces of short fiction, including one piece of flash fiction from each author. These stories exhibit a range of styles and genres from fantasy to science fiction and beyond. Watch young gods learn their place, see what the afterlife is like, meet Dappil, see a rat trap collapse, feel the fires of judgment and more.

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Featuring three short stories by Cynthia Ravinski:

“The Last Mate”
What will the last Mate do to gain control of a ship who chooses her own crew?

“The Making”
The young gods thought it was they who ruled the world.

“In the Business of Rotting”
Forced to find a new passion after a revolution, a jeweler-turned-distiller is determined to forgive and forget. But a new discovery changes the nature of her business.

Praise for Scribings 1:

“The best use of two dollars I’ve made in a while.”

-R. Jennings on Amazon

“New England Writers Make it Happen”

-Gritty_Reviewer on B&N

“A well-written, eclectic collection. Worth the time, and I hope to see more from these authors in the future!”

-David Day on Smashwords