Scribings Vol. 2: Lost Civilizations

Journey into lands long lost

 Lost Civilizations

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Featuring Two Short Stories by Cynthia Ravinski:

“The Master of Paths”

Sometimes even the all-powerful cannot give you what you want.

 “The Initiation”

Know thyself. But more importantly, know those that you choose to serve.

Praise for Scribings 2:

“Excellent and enjoyable! They are stories that can be read in one sitting, yet satisfy for a while, as you mull over the ideas and ramifications” – Steven Inman on Amazon

“I bought their previous work (scribings vol 1) and was quite happy so here I am for a repeat. While the stories are quite good, I was hoping for a continuation of some of the characters from the previous volume. I realize that is a unfair expectation, however when you read the first volume you’ll understand why I wanted a second act for many of them!
This is flash fiction so expect the stories to be concise and directed, no walls of text here. This genre and these volumes are perfect for people on the go who want to get in and out of a story in a short time. Don’t expect the stories to be simple though! Many of them are thought provoking. Like a good drink , you’ll be feeling the effects for a while.” – From Amazon

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