Praise for Fantasy Emotobook Lingering in the Woods

My emotobook, Lingering in the Woods, recently got two new reviews on Amazon.


“I stumbled upon this story after discovering Grit City Publications, and once I started reading it (on my Kindle) I could not stop. This is such a perfect story, in its length and its depth, I just have to praise it. Cynthia does a beautiful work of providing background knowledge as it is pertinent to the story and thus having not a single lull in the narrative. The pace is enthralling, the characters defined and the theme profound.

Oh! And there are images too! Surreal depictions by Loran Skinkis which, without giving away the story, fit perfectly in the emotional moment of the story where they are inserted.

I sincerely hope there is another installment to this story, as I would follow a series enthusiastically.”

-Georg Freese on Amazon


“In many books you can tell that the writer had to submit a certain number of words to editor requirements so they filled the story with useless fluff. This would be the complete opposite. The prose is very tight and every word and thought fulfills a vital need. The story involves the usual heroic archetypes but within the short space of 31 pages Cynthia manages to have them display multiple aspects. For example one ‘evil’ character also manifests significant sympathy from the reader.
I really, really hope she continues this setting and plot line!

If you’re still reading this then you should just buy her book now!”

-R. Jennings on Amazon


All I have to say is that reading both of them was one of the most humbling experiences this author has ever had. I am so glad that both readers found my book and enjoyed my story.