Boskone 49

Last week I went to Boskone 49 in Boston and this are the things I saw.

We got to the Westin early, which is unusual for me. So we were able to relax before registration even opened. A good way to start the con.

After registering I ran into an old friend from college who I haven’t seen in almost a decade. @stellamortis.

Then we went to the “Winter is Here: How Game of Thrones Plays on TV” panel with Myke Cole, Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Joshua Bilmes among others.

I couldn’t hold out any more, after that we bee-lined to the dealers room. I scored a Miskatonic U tee shirt Knowledge is Power! A pop up book about castles and the 2nd Prester John book by Catherynne M. Valente.


Then I ran to the panel about how to read aloud. Bob Kuhn moderated Bruce Coville, Justine Graykin among others and Greer Gilman (she was in the audience, but you can’t miss her). Voice lessons may be in my future.

I regret not going to more readings this time, but all the ones I wanted to see were during panels I wanted to go to. I did see all the speakers I wanted at panels though.

The Survive and Thrive in the New World of Publishing wasn’t as informational as I hoped.

I spent a lot more time than usual in the art show too. There was some really good stuff there this year from artists like David Lee Pancake, Kelly Kotulak, Carol Salemi. I even bought a print of Gary Lippincott’s “Roost.”

We actually left the hotel for Saturday night dinner. If you ever go to Boston and want seafood, I recommend the No Name Restaurant on fish pier 1. Delicious!

The best panels I did go to were How to Wreck your Career with Social Media. I knew most of the material discussed but it was a good reminder for the finer points, for lo and behold I had to use those skills shortly after returning. The panel on book covers mostly covered importance of layout and alternative methods for publishers who cannot afford to commission all cover art.

Next time there will be more pictures, I promise!

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