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I’ve finished writing the rough draft of my labyrinth story. 🙂 I just need to fix a ton of things and add a scene or two. Hopefully I can keep it below 5000 when I’m done revising.

I hope I don’t do what I did with this story ever again. I started writing it months and months ago. I knew the ending of it and then just got bogged down in the middle. It sat and sat and sat and I never finished it.

As a writer who tends not to write outlines, I think that by knowing the end I just wasn’t excited about writing it as I already knew what it would be. However I am using outlines more and more these days.

If I want to be a professional writer, I need to stick to the writing no matter what. I need to make myself outline and blow through the rough draft then revise. Otherwise I just won’t make the deadlines and therefore a living.

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