burnt and busy

I’ve been busy and regrettably not as much with reading and writing as I’d like… GUILT…

I have been feeling a little burnt out with everything. There’s been drama at work, drama with my apartment, travel and taxes. I’ve been so busy with work since the holidays I’d even taken time out from my local writing group, Rocketship Unicorn, and skipped this year’s Boskone. Much Sadness.

But now, work has calmed down and I’ve ironed out many of the wrinkles that have cropped up recently. So I’ve said enough. Enough wishing, enough wasting time. I’m back to doing and getting things done. Finally getting back to my writing group last Wednesday really helped. We’ve changed the format a little and I think it was a great change. We’re actively working instead of waiting for work to come by. Everyone was really energized about it and it just felt great to talk about writing to writers again.

I recently got a peek at Jeff Vandermeer’s blog and one of the lines on it has impressed me greatly. “I’m not online tomorrow.” Meaning he’ll just be working on writing, not reading e-mail, surfing or reading blogs, or posting blogs, or sending e-mail. “Oh, my,” I thought. “Just imagine how much time I’d save, how many more words I could write if I limited myself like that.” When I think of actually doing it, I think that I can’t possibly not check my email every day, not read my blog list, not chat with all my distant friends and check up on facebook’s feeds. This, to me, looks like I’ll need to change my lifestyle a little to fit my priorities, to accomplish my dreams.

I’ll end this with some writing updates. I don’t have any page counts, but I can say that I’ve written one story, a cyberpunk about the Ark of the Covenant that I got ‘shopped in my group. I look forward to revising it and submitting that soon. Other than that I’ve been brainstorming on two other stories that I just can’t pin down.

My next deadline is March 31st for an anthology called “Way of the Wizard” edited by John Joseph Adams. I have a really great character, now all I need is a plot. Looks like I shouldn’t “be online” tomorrow huh…

Currently Reading:
Fantasy: Little, Big – John Crowley
Scholarly: The Mabinogi – Patrick K. Ford
Writing:(I’m slacking here)

Submissions out:
Flash: 0
Short: 0
Agent: 0

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