I've Been Hitting the Keyboard Again

Some may ask if this is a good thing. It is, of course! On November 9th I sat down and plotted out a 10 installment serial novel. I’m not giving myself a choice about making this a reality. It is going to happen and it’s going to take at least a year and a half. Lots of time for the project to go and change on me.

It took me ten days to pound out the rough draft of the second story in this series. I was shocked to come out with a 14,000 word MS Word document (because, yes I still use Word to write, don’t you?). Boy does it have issues! I look forward to correcting them. The part about writing I thrive for the most is revision.

So my little celebration to completing the rough draft is putting up this blog post.

Truth is, those 10 days that I  forced myself to sit and write, they were grueling. Going through grad school I had a set-in-stone schedule. Having been away from writing so long (shame on me!) I don’t know how I did it. In fact, going into that story, I was afraid that I’d forgotten how to write. How ridiculous is that? I’s not like I’d been in a major car accident or something. I’ve just been busy being boring, going to work and watching TV because there is only so much time in the day. But what I had forgotten, was my good writing habits.

If you make it a habit, it will happen. I know people who swear by writing every day. While I don’t think I can do that, yet, I can get pretty close. In fact, that is the only way my 10 mini-book series is going to happen.

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