Catching Up

Despite not posting, I have been wandering around the words. I’ve been working on finishing my current book so I can move on. One of my resolutions is to catch up on “the classics.” By classics I mean Fantasy Classics. There are 4 or 5 books that I constantly hear about that I have never read. So I am going to remedy this.

As a writer, I sometimes feel that I don’t have a good reading background. The fantasy novels I read that made me want to be a fantasy author were inspirations, but not real heavy hitters. Another reason to which I attribute my delinquency is a slight obsession I had with reading through the authors I loved, one at a time. And I only read from my small-town public library. I’ve since given up that habit–I think college broke me of it. And now I try to read a combination of the best Fantasy coming out now, classic literature and what I call “good writers.” Good writers consists of authors whose styles are AMAZING but still didn’t win any awards.

So I’m trying to finish the Cook omnibus (and getting there) so I can move onto I think I’ll read John Crowly’s Little Big. I like to see where my next step is.

While I’m on my way, getting through the book, what happens but the lightning of inspiration strikes me down. I’ve got a really cool idea for another short story. I’m not in the writing stage yet. I’m in the stage where I’m puzzle cubing two cool ideas together. I know there’s a place for them to click. After enough “meditation” on it, I know it will click.

Off I go!

Currently Reading:
Fantasy: Chronicles of the Black Company – Glen Cook
Scholarly: The Mabinogi – Patrick K. Ford
Writing:(I’m slacking here)

Submissions out:
Flash: Soul Starved, to Flash Fiction Online
Short: 0
Agent: 0

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