In Elizabeth Baxter's Words: The Last Priestess Character Interview

Today we’re celebrating the release of new epic fantasy novel, The Last Priestess, by Elizabeth Baxter. One of the characters from The Last Priestess, Leo, has popped over to join us. 


The Last Priestess


There is a name that is uttered only in whispers. The Songmaker. A ruthless rebel mage, he is bringing civil war to the once-peaceful kingdom of Amaury, enveloping all in a tide of violence. For Maegwin, a tormented priestess, the path forward lies in forgiving her temple’s enemies—but she dreams only of revenge. For Rovann, a loyal mage haunted by his failures, salvation might be found in the unthinkable: defying the very king he swore to protect. If they are to succeed they must form an unlikely alliance. For someone must stand against the Songmaker. Someone must save Amaury from his dark designs. But first, they’ll have to learn to trust each other.

And so a magical journey of darkness and redemption begins.



So, Leo, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Of course. Glad to be here! Honored indeed! My name is Leo March, the most famous minstrel in all Amaury. Don’t listen to those niggards who say I’m a bragging fool with no talent – they are just jealous. I spend my life wandering the land, entertaining the noble folk with my musical talent and fine wit! Although my job has become a lot harder since the civil war came. People don’t trust minstrels anymore – what with the Songmaker posing as one and singing people into death with his power. Damn selfish of the man, in my opinion. Why couldn’t he pose as a milk-maid or stable boy instead?

How did you become a minstrel?

I beg your pardon? Become a minstrel? You make it sound as though I chose this profession like a common worker. You don’t become a minstrel, you’re born a minstrel. It’s a gift, a talent, something deep inside. And like any good minstrel, I’m sharing my gift with the whole world!

You have some interesting companions in The Last Priestess. How did you meet?

Hmm. It was a little embarrassing to be honest. You know how I said it’s difficult being a minstrel at the moment? Well, this was brought home to me when I visited Angard, a town down in the south. I was hoping to make a bit of a name for myself – you know, a few songs here, a few tales there. But things didn’t quite turn out that way. Unbeknown to me, the Songmaker had called down a magestorm on the town. So when the locals saw me, they set on me, thinking I was the Songmaker! Can you believe it? Me, a rebel? Outrageous! Luckily, Maegwin and Rovann rescued me and we’ve been travelling together ever since.

Maegwin and Rovann? Who are they?

Maegwin is a priestess from somewhere down in the south. She doesn’t talk about it much but I think something bad might have happened to her. However, my tales and songs soon cheer her up! Rovann is a king’s man. I’m not sure he likes me. I get the impression he thinks I’m a bit of an idiot but I’ll soon win him over with my fine wit! We’re travelling to the capital where I will bowl them over with my singing talent! They’ll all soon be flocking to get a glimpse of the famous Leo March! But I think there’s more to Rovann than admits. I’ve not let on about my suspicions of course. I know how to keep a secret. But hopefully the mystery will be solved when we reach Tyrlindon (that’s the capital). Ah, mystery and adventure! What could be better than a minstrel’s life?


The Last Priestess is available from Amazon.


Elizabeth BaxterI’ve been a bookworm since I was five years old. The first book I ever read was about a boy going shopping with his mum. I picked it up from my brother’s bedroom floor and suddenly those strange shapes on the page made sense. I could read! Hallelujah! I was soon working my way steadily through the school library and it wasn’t long before I realized that stories about dragons, elves and great big talking lions were by far the most interesting. And that was it, my obsession with fantasy fiction was born.




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  1. smallblondehippy says:

    Thanks for having me, Cynthia.

  2. Cynthia says:

    And thanks, Elizabeth, for bringing Leo by…because someone has to stop the songmaker.

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