New Goal

Ok. I need to make a new goal now that I failed to meet my last one.

Despite the fact that I want to finish the labyrinth story, I want to submit something, and submit something now. The labyrinth story is only about 2/3rds of the way through the very rough draft. Even though I just solved a major story problem I was having, even though I have all kinds of energy for that story, I only have one story that is even close to being ready, revised once now, the torture story.

My new goal will be to revise the torture story, have one person read it, scrub it a bit and then submit it before Christmas.

That’s so much more time than I think I’ll need. But maybe that is just a realistic goal, seeing as I just about never attain my goals on time.

Currently Reading:
Fantasy: The Books of the South – Glen Cook
Scholarly: The Mabinogi – Patrick K. Ford
Writing:(I’m slacking here)

Submissions out:
Flash: 0
Short: 0
Agent: 0

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