Boy! Have I been slacking lately. I haven’t touched my labyrinth story in like four days. I may be burned out of working. Work has been incredibly harsh lately so the thought of any kind of work (even writing!) just makes me turn around and do something else…like read or play video games. Yes, that’s right I said it. I’ve been participating in the worst kind of slacking…

I need to find a way to get motivated. My birthday has come and gone and I have nothing ready to submit yet.

My issue might be that I love getting the beginning of a story down, and into the middle and then I trail off and just kinda forget to go back and finish the middle of the story. I’m in the doldrums. How do I fix this? I’m really muddling. I don’t think going and revising another story will help as I will lose steam for my unfinished work.

I haven’t been completely shirking my writing duties, however. I have gotten some good reading done. I’m almost done with The Books of the South. Soon I will post a “my thoughts” about it, and I have plenty of them too.

Currently Reading:
Fantasy: The Books of the South – Glen Cook
Scholarly: The Mabinogi – Patrick K. Ford
Writing:(I’m slacking here)

Submissions out:
Flash: 0
Short: 0
Agent: 0

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