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Happy New Year from Grit City Publications!
As we at GCP prepare for the holiday season with our loved ones, there’s plenty to announce to our Readers Cult. We hope you’ll follow us on social media: FacebookTwitter, and Google+ and also forward these end of the year emails to your friends.
This week, Jason Bryant, horror author discusses his upcoming horror genre EmotoSingle Tabaka. Check out his Gritty Blog post: Tabaka: My Debut Emotobook.
K. Ceres Wright writes about the importance of purchasing arts and entertainment from independent authors and artists. Check out her Gritty Blog post: Buying Indie is Buying Well.
If you pour passion into each creative project or performance, it’s time to propel your career to the next level, realize your full potential, and achieve Financial Success!
The GCP Emotobook Autograph Cards are available to our fans, free of charge. You may easily request the cards for your favorite Emotobooks, using our simple online form. We’ll email you the card(s), which can be loaded into the bookshelves of tablets, smartphones, and computers.

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Forward this email to your friends and family. We all must tell the world about our first fiction medium designed exclusively for tablets and smartphones! Many people collect Emotobooks for the bus to work, lunch breaks, or bedtime. Art enthusiasts applaud the expressionistic images as a revolutionary medium for visualized emotions.
Thank you…
Producing our catalog of EmotoSerials and EmotoSingles requires great amounts of fortitude and determination from our creative contributors. The enjoyment you receive fuels our passion to conjure the best possible experiences.
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